Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Fraud fraudulent charges. Today I logged onto my bank account online and found out that I was charged for something through my verified PayPal account. I did not recognize the charges, called my bank and disputed the transaction. Further investigation into my PayPal account history showed unauthorized charges from a payee I have to say that I have never previously heard of such company or never even thought of buying fragrances (the products they sell) online.

Transaction was immediately disputed with PayPal and reaffirmed that it was cancelled that I would not be charged for said transaction. What the PayPal rep advised is that I change my account password and security questions and that an investigation will take place and I will be notified as to the outcome.

Dealing with PayPal is great and having a verified account is convenient for some purposes, however, it is just as easy to get your e-mail and your password and charge fraudulent transactions on your PayPal account. It is just as easy to pull money from a verified bank account to cover the cost of the fraudulent transaction. fraudulent charges on paypal account
Simple web search showed that has been previously a recipient of money from unauthorized transaction. Apparently is located in Hong Kong and are doing “business” overseas. Be wary when doing business with out-of-country online sellers and especially It is currently unknown how the fraudulent transaction occurred on my account, but when dealing with this seller, be very cautious.



  1. becareful when u shopping online, or surfing on the internet.

  2. Thanks for bringing Strawberrynet to my attention, Elaine. Sounds like this kind of operation could stand some investigation by my Con Man's Blog.

  3. omg... I just spent 98 dollars on hair care stuff. After I paid through paypal I thought "I'm gonna look up the store's name with the word fraud to see if I get something interesting" and well... now I am worried.

  4. I can tell you exactly how the charges occured. They will show you a price that you think is U. S. dollars but is really in British pounds (GBP). It happened to me as I bought products from them and charge to my credit card. I eventually was charged more than $55 than I thought I was paying. I disputed the amount with my credit card co. and after several attempts was told I had to pay the amount billed. This co. clearly is using deceptive practices and I advise all not to deal with them.

  5. C. Townsell,

    I am not sure if you were responding to some of the comments here or to my original post? If it was your response to my post I must say that when charges appeared on my PayPal account I had never heard of stroberynet period! It was a fraudulent (unathorized) transaction

  6. 'Previous' customer of - NO MORE. Recent 'non-completed' transaction with this company due to the FACT that when we tried to purchase a product and our Order would NOT go through, an agent from contacted us and told us to TURN OUR FIREWALL OFF and OUR SECURITY SETTINGS WERE TOO HIGH for our Order to go through!!! In addition, we received several WARNINGS that 'NO Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is available'! If you are considering buying any of their products on E-Bay - look at their feedback first: 118 Negative FB for the past 12 months; 55 Negative FB for the past 6 months; 4 Negative FB for the past month. BEWARE - Never order any products from - this company is a huge SCAM!!!

  7. I am so lucky to know it...because I've just go through website and plan to buy things...

    Thanks to this web...

  8. I ordered products through and believed they were an american company. The site looked legitimate and well run and I went ahead in good faith. i had an immediate response telling me that the order was being shipped that day and have heard nothing since. I tried to use their "tracking" facilities which just threw me back to the website home page and then I got worried, because the contact number is a premium line rate. I called anyway and was told that my parcel was shipped non registered and therefor they would not take any responsibility for a no show. This is clearly a TOTALLY FRAUDULENT SCAM and I urge anyone to avoid this site and let all their friends know about it.

  9. I bought a product from Strawberry Net Dec 2009. They sent me the wrong product so they agreed for me to return the goods and gave me the refund. I've returned the product through registered mail on 15th Dec. 2009, HK post office online tracking system shows the product has been received and signed for on 19th Dec.
    However 37 days later, 20 odd emails and 3 international phone calls to chase them up, I've got NOWHERE! They sometimes say they haven't received the product and they need to check with the receiving department, sometimes they simply don't respond.
    It is so disappointing that Strawberry Net doesn't take any responsibility! Now they got my money, and the product I already paid for. All I have is the international postage expense!

  10. I place an order at the end of March 2010 and paid by Paypal. I was then sent a invoice asking me to pay for the product, I guess it was an automatic invoice. I told them i had paid already. I waited for my product and received another invoice! Apparently the invoice I paid had a different number. So I asked them to cancel the order and refund the payment I did make. I even gave them the invoice number and paypal receipt number. I have emailled them after waiting a week for my refund only to be told that refunds take time!!! I have waited 2 weeks. How long does it take to process a refund through Paypal?? Hopefully paypal will refund the money seeing Strawberry net won't :( Strawberry net are hopeless. They don't even reply to paypal emails.

  11. I recently purchased an Yves St Laurent lipstick - it stings on my lips and I can't use it. Is it a fake with products in it that are possibly banned? I bought the exact same lipstick from a legitimate store in Australia and it does not sting - won't be buying through strawberry net again.

  12. I have used Strawberrynet for 2 years. Never had a bad experience, products come quickly and seem to be legitimate. You are prompted to chose your country at their homepage, and clearly state currency (and give you the option to change it) on the product page. Sorry you've all had bad experiences... but between me and all my friends I can praise them enough.

  13. thanks for the info! i recently found the website n thinking to buy cosmetics from them anymore after reading your blog!

  14. they suck at security and definitely look like scam. After they rejected my paypal and iIasked for alternative payment methods, they asked me to e-mail them my credit card number along with and security codes. WTF! is it Ice age or what?

  15. The Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun (27 June 2010) ran an article titled - "20 Websites that will save you money" and describes the website as "Offering hevily discounted make-up. skincare and fragrances from its Hong Kong base..." And as such was about to rethink buying from them. Upon reading the above I have now changed my mind, so thank you : )

  16. I hav emade over 50 purchases with Strawberrynet for the past 5 years and have never had a problem.. I have always had fast delivery and the one time I was sent a faulty product, I emailed them and they immedietly sent me the correct product withuot requiring me to send teh old product back.

    I do sometimes find that there products seem a little old, ie i wouldn;t order mascara but I have never had any major issues with this and have never had a product that I thought was fake.

  17. I was recommended this site, so went in to search for a product I regularly use. I found it but as it was only an $8- saving I decided I'd rather keep buying locally....glad I did.

  18. wow...i bought an item from in july. received the items within 7 working days. its fine. after reading this, am paranoid about the co. taking out extra cash. they have all bank details.!

  19. I have also been shopping from for at least 2 years without any problems. You are able to change currencies when placing your order so you can see in your own currency what you are spending. I did have an omission on one of my orders and when I complained the missing product was sent straight away. However, I did place an order at the end of May, which split into 2 shipments. The first one arrived and the second one has disappeared. Since then I have not been able to get any satisfaction from their customer service department. I have been asked if I'd like a refund or the order reshipped however nothing has been done to date, despite my continued e mails requesting the matter to be finalised. This has been very disappointing and I have lost complete faith in the company.

  20. Why is everybody in this blog making comments as "Anonymous"? This is what is odd.

    I have many friends in Brazil who buy from StrawberryNet and they are all happy with their purchases and even in case customs charge any fees from the girls, they have those fees refunded by the company, which is in no obligation to do so.

    The case from the original post in this blog seems more like someone who stole the lady's Paypal details than actually StrawberryNet fault.

  21. RE: "Why is everybody in this blog making comments as "Anonymous"

    WELL HELLO!!!! Because the options to chose from are either Anonymous or Google Accoung, Life Journal, Wordpress, Typepad and some other...



  22. I have used StrawberryNet for 4 years (12 transactions to date), never paid via PayPal, never had a problem with delivery or charges against credit card. Yes, they are out of Hong Kong, so what? I had one issue with an item that the top broke off, I emailled them, they sent me a new item, and when I asked what I should do with the original item (the cream inside was fine) they said for me to just keep it. Hardly scam-like in my opinion, but if you have been ripped off via an internet transaction, that is not good at all and you have every right to blog your experience to let others know. Just wondering if you got in touch with Strawberry Net and asked them what was going on? Anyway, I am anon also, as per the previous comment...

  23. What is REALLY ODD is that since 2008 there was nothing on this blog than negative feedback about strawberrynet... all of a sudden in a matter of days there are comments back to back telling us how great strawberrynet is...

    Never trust anything you read on the Internet...

    Companies like strawberrynet will go to an extend to pay other people to spread good rap about them...

    Recent lawsuit filed by FTC exposed a big company that was paying people to post fake good reviews on the Internet...

    Think about it; if you were a real customer of strawberrynet, and you were happy with them what incentive do you have to go out of your way to search the Internet and post comments on blogs telling everyone how great strawberrynet is???

    If you are a happy customer, why in the world a thought about searching the Internet for strawberrynet scam would even cross your mind?

    It is really fishy that for two years there was nothing but negative reviews on strawberrynet and all of a sudden two people go and make claims literally two days back to back about how great strawberrynet is.

    Think about it... You've got to be real stupid to believe that these are real reviews...

    1. Hi I have been using Strawberrynet for years. With no problems at all. I have made many many many orders and received them on time with no hassles and no false transactions on my account.

      I came across this site whilst googling for cheap cosmetics in another country on a computer that isn't mine with a different url - so things are new and different to me here. Strawberrynet haven't paid me, and I have no benefit in writing this other than....the more ppl that use it - the lower their prices are likely to become right? it benefits me ultimately right?I also run a small business at home, and realise how customers themselves make STUPID MISTAKES like not selecting the right currency, or STUPIDLY don't read all the information available, or STUPIDLY read the information available and flat out ignore it, and then when things don't go their way go out of their way to slander and bad mouth the business - who mind u never gets the opportunity to defend the false accusations. So on that note - its unfortunate for those ppl that have had a bad experience with strawberrynet and if that was me i would not give them my return business either - but there are those of us around the world that have benefited from this company.

  24. oh please! I came across this site when I put strawberry net into my google chrome browser- saw "strawberrynet scam' and was shocked. I have over 25 orders with them over the years with NO trouble. That is how I ended up here, no strawberrynet stooge.
    I recommend strawberrynet to anyone and everyone, except americans who get everything cheaper to start with. They ship fast and have great prices. Never had a fake (please stop the paranoia, different lipsticks have different ingredients, you might be allergic to something in that new colour!)
    People steal paypal account details- it was most likely some scammer trying to steal from Strawberrynet AND the poster, not Strawberrynet themselves.

  25. i would have to disagree Frankie, if you look through the comments you would see that there are other positive comments (for example 31st May 2010). Also I went to this site since I typed in strawberrynet on the search option and it came up with the suggestion of strawberrynet scam which peaked my interest. I am sure this would have happened to other people which may be why they have positive stories.
    I am a real person who does not have any financial benefit from providing positive comments and I buy with strawberrynet all the time. I think they are great. I have had no issues what so ever with them. I always receive the orders on time and each and every product has been perfect.

  26. I came across strawberrynet site and was considering buying some things from them but decided to check it out before I buy. I am glad I did. First I was looking for reviews and found adverts only. Then I looked for strawberrynet on google and found nothing but adverts. someone recommended I check if there are any complains against strawberrynet and this is how I landed on this site. I won't be ordering from them. Thank you everyone for letting me know this company is fake.

    Also, to Anonimous who says she was looking for strawberrynet in google and found this site:

    I looked for strawberrynet in google and did not see this site. I saw strawberrynet site and some others that are affiliated with it.

    It wasn't until I typed in strawberrynet complaints that I came across this site, so please stop your BS strawberrynet scammer!

  27. OMG! I am glad I looked up if there were any complains about strawberrynet! There are tons of sites and not just this one and mountains of complains against them! They definitely seem like fraud! Just do a search for strawberrynet scam and see how many people have been scammed by them!

  28. I saw an article in today's Courier Mail (Brisbane) talking up StrawberryNet & their impact on retail sales. I googled them and have to say the negative out weigh the positive for me. I think I'll stick to buying locally.

  29. What a scam this is!!!!!!! I placed an order three weeks ago and paid by paypal. They took money from my account, but so far I have received no product that I paid for. The money was deducted from my account of course. I tried to contact strawberrynet several times at no avail. After checking Internet sites (and not just this one, but there are pages of complains about strawberrynet dated back in 2007 and on) I am filing a dispute with PayPal and will never ever order from them again!!!!!!!! If you have been scammed by them be sure to file a dispute with PayPal or your credit card company ASAP!!!!

  30. I came strawberrynet site and was looking to find reviews. I see that there are positive and negative reviews of this company which to me means buy on your own risk and hope that you will be one of the happy customers and that you won't get ripped off; but with so many unhappy customers it seems that a substantial percentage of strawberrynet customers aren't satisfired with either their shipping policies, the quality/legitimacy of their products, or their customer service, and the issues are multiple.

    I am sure there are many who buy from strawberrynet and have no issues, but to me when the risk of having issues is as high as with this company I'll pass.

  31. It's a free world (relatively)- don't use them if you don't want to, but I've used them for many years, and my friends have, always with credit card and never any problems. But by all means buy locally from the overseas-owned department stores and pay 30% more. How do we know it's not them publishing false negative reports? How's that for a conspiracy theory? Whatever...

  32. I had to pay custom charges when the product arrived. I only ordered one item and with this chage item ended up costing me more than what i would have paid locally. Pathetic company. They don't tell you this when you buy.

  33. i've been a loyal customer with since 2004 & never had any problems; they shipped my orders quickly with no mistakes; paid by credit card...
    On the other hand, i bought using PAYPAL in another online store and never again (will i use PAYPAL... PayPal took out an extra amount from my bank account without first informing me -- i only found that out after checkiing my online statement... so, there you go!! (Not Strawberrynet's fault!)

  34. RE: Anonymous,

    Do you not know that when you buy merchandise using PayPal WHEN you don't have enough money in your PayPal account to fund your purchase the difference in the amount of transaction and what you have if your account is taken out of your bank account and is called eCheck.

    If you do not want money taken out of your account, DO NOT BUY WHAT YOU CAN'T PAY FOR!!!!

    Did you really honestly expect that the online store would just send you free items when you don't pay them???

  35. Looking to buy a haircase item that's out of stock in singapore so i googled n 1 option was strawberynet. but gosh! positive n negative comments were so extreme. positive had even defective products exchanged without hassle, while negatives had repeated requests for credit card details, extra money deducted, non shipment of items, merry go round handling of complaints. Online shopping ultimately depend on good faith n goodwill of sellers. If there's any fraud/scam, real end result is kiss your money goodbye. sorry you were victims but thank so much for sharing your experiences with strawberrynet. i will skip buying the product. many thanks n wish all a nice day

  36. I ordered a few items and they never arrived. They claimed that the parcel had been returned, I changed the address, it was returned again, and this went on for a while until I gave up. Then I read that other scam companies (i.e. do this as one of their strategies.

  37. To Anon from September 11, I don't know how you use google but when I typed strawberrynet into google, strawberrynet scam came up second on the list.

    As with all internet companies, buyer beware, but honestly I have just as many problems dealing with local companies. Strawberrynet is cheap and the products are good.

  38. Dear Anonymous above,

    Just to clarify how Google suggestion tool works;

    When you start typing your search terms Google automatically gives you relevant suggestions out of MOST POPULAR SEARCHES in your local area.

    For instance, if you are in Australia (where it appears Strawberrynet does a lot of business) "strawberrynet scam" may be a more popular search versus the US where strawberrynet doesn't do as much business.

    The location of your IP address determines what to suggest to you, which means if you are in an area where "strawberrynet scam" is a popular search term, this term is more likely suggested to you by Google. The more popular a specific keyword term is in your local area, the higher in the suggestion tool it will come up.

    If the other person who left the comment above lives in a country where not as many searches for the key term "strawberrynet scam" are generated this term is less likely to be suggested by Google suggestion tool.

    The fact that "strawberrynet scam" was suggested to you in the top suggestion results merely means that this term is highly popular in YOUR AREA. This does not nesessarily mean that this search term is as popular in other countries.

    I hope this explains it.

  39. hello,
    I have been buying from strawberrynet for over a year now and i never had any issues. They delivered the product in time and the product is genuine.

  40. I was wondering if strawberrynet is a scam. After reading multiple reviews on the internet i see that there are a lot of complaints about fake products they sell and the difficulties of obtaining a refund. Here is another forum thread that deals with strawberrynet There is one just recently posted "FAKE products, Ripoff, and no refund"; there is another following "I've been dealing with this seller for the past few years. They are good when everything goes well. However, if the package doesn't turn up, be prepared to fight hard and long."

    Just read all the reviews. It seems like as long as you receive what you ordered it's all good, but once something goes wrong you are screwed.

  41. I usually make online cosmetics purchases at Recently I googled them because I wanted to order some things from them and strawberrynet ad came up. I googled strwberrynet out of curiosity and the products I usually buy at are actually more expensive but there was one out of stock right now at Glow so I wanted to see if strawberrynet offers legit products or fake.

  42. I bought 8 times from without problems, but today, I got my 9th order, (shipped and received within 4 business days, and I live in canada), the expiry date of the product was filed away. It bothers me to no end because I worry that the product had expired already!

    I bought mascaras from them before, very dried up. I definitely can relate to the products being a little old. some products on their store had been discontinued for years and they still carry them. It's completely up to you to do your homework.

    My experience with HK companies - they aren't offering any customer service. They get the goods out fast, and that's about it. If you contact them, never expect a reply. It's not acceptable to me, but sometimes when there is a product I cannot get elsewhere I buy from them. But after this incident (expiry date filed away), I will not purchase again.

    It's that mentality - they think they can fool you. I would rather see the expiry date - if it's really close - and make my own judgment. Now that they had scratched it away, it made me angry to see how they cover it up just to make a sale. Not ethical!

  43. I am from Auckland, NZ. I bought a few Clarins creams from StrawberryNet a months ago. I immediately checked the code on the bottom of each product and they were all expired- 2 years old, another -2005. I emailed this company complaining that products were old and I want full refund. They asked me to send products back. I posted and still waiting for my money. I emailed a few times asking about refund, they said: we are sorry that you were not 100% satisfied...we the end they mention-it is expensive for you to ship them back, so you can leave them or dispose. I told them that I posted(and even attached the postage invoice) and they pretend they did not receive. I can't understand. They also said it would take 2 weeks to process my refund to my credit card. I spent a lot of money, I just hope they will refund money. I will never ever buy from them.

  44. I made my first purchase with strawberry net a couple of weeks ago. Products seemed legit (I usually purchase the product locally, and a couple of weeks ago I bought the same product off strawberry net for the first time and there seemed to be nothing different about the product)... it arrived really fast and based on my first purchase I would have given top marks to strawberry net... BUT

    I was planning on making another purchase from strawberry net, but then my beauty therapist said that they weren't legit and are fake etc...

    Now, to be honest I don't know what to believe. I am new to the salon, so my beauty therapist has not fully gained my loyalty yet... but then again, I have only made one purchase with strawberry net, so they too have not "fully" gained my loyalty either.

    On one hand, is my beauty therapist just saying those things to me so that I purchase the products from her salon instead? How do I know that the "negative" reviews on this blog aren't a bunch of beauty therapists wanting us to buy from them instead...

    On the other hand, is Strawberry net really a scam (which I do not believe yet as my first order from them went really well)and are the "positive" reviews on this blog made by undercover strawberry net staff?

    It is hard to choose what to believe, because everyone just wants to make money in this world... negative comments might be strawberry net competitors trying to eliminate their competition, and positive comments might be undercover strawberry net staff trying to boost customer loyalty...

    what a sick twisted world we all live in lol

    Anyway, just to sum things up, if you want to survive in this world we live in, you gotta learn how to take chances and not rely too much on what everyone else says (because you will never get a straight answer)... believe it or not, but people that take risks tend to be more successful... so if you reeeealy want to know whether strawberry net is legit or not, take the risk and find out, see it as an investment of knowledge (if things don't go well then you've invested in "knowing" not to purchase there again, and not spending the rest of your lives "wondering" if they were legit.... and if things go well, then you've invested in "knowing" that they are legit... keeping in mind though that they are a big company, and that goods are being shipped across the world, so things you should use your common sense for are:

    They WILL make mistakes, if not on your first order or your second etc, there will be a day something will go wrong...

    Once the products have left their warehouse, they are not in control of your products whereabouts, the most they can do for you is enquire about the whereabouts of your parcel through the postal service (remember, it IS free shipping, and that it is NOT insured. So using your common sense, if you purchase from them, you are accepting that they are not resposible for your products whereabouts after a certain point)

    Anyhow, the above are just a couple of things to keep in mind to say that things won't always work out perfectly...

    Gosh, this review has turned into an essay lol, anyway, GOOD LUCK everyone, and if you want to play it safe then don't purchase anything off the internet, the internet in general is one big risk, if you do purchase products off the internet, then remember to read things carefully, i.e. make sure you havent agreed to anything you don't want i.e. monthly subscriptions with direct debit etc that is basic common sense :)

    NOTE: when I say take a risk, I am not telling you to ignore all the obvious signs of a scam, ignore terms and conditions, to not read between the lines and to not use a bit of common sense. What I am saying is not to base your decisions on a couple of customers' dissatisfactions, because even the reviews might not be legit... you never know :p

  45. I've read through these comments re Strawberrynet with interest. I have been a customer for 6 years or more and have never had an issue with delivery, products or payment. Nor am I an undercover SN employee. I disagree that the products are fake or old. I recently bought haircare products and the packaging is the latest from that company - some local shops are selling the same products in old bottles. The fragrances I have bought have never been old or fake and I buy the same fragrances both with SN and elsewhere and they are identical in quality. As has been pointed out, the website allows the buyer to order in your own currency so you know what it will cost. PayPal may be an issue and I always pay by credit card. I live in Australia and my products are always delivered within a few days. Buying on the internet has its risks but I will continue to shop with SN and recommend it to friends.

  46. From the Admin:

    Dear Anonymous above,

    It would be interesting to find out how you found this page. Do you mind sharing?

    It shows in the traffic feed that you were looking for a keyword "strawberrynet negative reviews".

    Do you mind sharing why you were looking for strawberrynet negative reviews if you have been a customer of strawberrynet for 6 years according to your own statement and never had any issues with delivery, products or payment?

    What made you decide to search Google for "strwberrynet negative reviews"?

    I am curious.

    Thank you in advance for sharing!


  47. why is everyone being so rude to each other on this site?
    i mean i was looking up strawberry net on google and i found this site (no i was not looking up fraud of strawberrynet). it was in the search suggestions as strawberrynet scam and i was thinking about ordering from the site so i was curious about if it was legit or not so i clicked on it.

    I don't know if it is true or not as i know people who are loyal buyers from the site and have not had a single problem in years of purchases.

    by the way if the company was so desperate to get positive reviews, to make it more legit they could probably get people to create accounts just to write positive reviews. just saying, stop being paranoid because it will never get you an answer.

  48. I ordered some items from strawberrynet and I noticed that the packaging of the items is different from what I usually buy from local stores. My esthetician says if the packaging looks different this means the items are old and potentially expired and not to use it because the manufacturer no longer has these items in stock but online companies that keep selling outdated merchandize get them dirt cheap (this explains substantial price reduction on their products).

    I was wondering if I could send them back to strawberrynet and get my money back but I was shocked at all these reviews about difficulty obtaining a refund. The stuff I bought are skincare products and I would not use expired products (and yes, just like some people said here there is no visible expiration date so I have no idea how old they are and if they expired two weeks ago or two years ago!)

    Considering that I paid through paypal I think if they refuse to refund me I will dispute this with paypal directly as the items are definitely not as described and the packaging is totally different!

    And I think to all unhappy customers who bought from them and want to obtain a refund - dispute with paypal or your credit card company if you get scammed. And to all who don't care about expiration date and are happy with your orders I say more power to you, but I would not use expired products, just my personal opinion. Yours can be different though.

  49. I have bought from them a few times, and one time I had a problem where they sent me some makeup that seemed used or old, and i complained to them and they offered to refund me a part of it back. So I do assume that they know they are selling old stuff, its just that some people choose to just ignore it and let it go whereas I complained to them. They should have noticed that the item was old before sending it out. They also offer free items to customer sometimes, but its just marketing and the items they offer are old and discontinued, so they wouldn't be fresh. I recently bought another perfume that I thought there was something wrong with the scent, but they told me to send it back and they will check if there is a problem with it and if there isn't a problem according to their purchasing department, then I can't get a refund and they will just send the old item back to me and I would not get the shipping fees back. So I figured that I didn't want to risk losing the shipping fees and not having a guarantee refund. Anyways, they don't really have a wide range of stuff and their prices aren't that low, infact, some of the perfumes are more than retail price and I don't understand why.

  50. If you want to be sure you're purchasing the real thing, go and buy it from the counter at Myers/DJ's....simple.
    Of course if you're paying 50% less than the RRP then alarm bells should be ringing but no, you do it anyway and then complain about it! You take a chance and most of the time it works out, sometimes it doesn't. The really cheap stuff is more than likely bought by the company at salvage sales for next to nothing and then re-sold via Strawberrynet. It doesn't mean it's fake or a fake company, they're just selling products that would normally be thrown out such as some fire or water damaged stock that is still in good condition. You take the chance so deal with it.

  51. I TOOK THE RISK! TO BE SAFE GO TO EBAY AND YOU WILL FIND SAME SELLER! i bought a product and received in less than a week registered post(nicely packed). However the product didn't satisfy me so i told them and they gave two options to refund or replace a product(which i didn't believe) but they DID! they don't even want the product. Now that is good customer service!(if you can ask nicely).
    Any way its not that cheap but you sure can be confident. but for our sides sake it is safe as long as you use pay pal and but StrawberryNet stuff from Ebay.

  52. Been using for 5 or so years. I haven't bought perfume from them yet - only skin care stuff. Never had a bad experience.
    I pay by card. Briefly looked through previous comments - looks like there's a paypal issue (?). Hmm...
    I think it's smart to be weary of what you buy online so I'm not going to come out and say strawberrynet's the most legit supplier in the world, but it works for me (so far).
    - Anonymous due to limited options ;)

  53. I have shopped at Strawberrynet in the past, purchasing Japan-exclusive lines from brands like Kao Sofina, Kanebo and Shiseido. The package arrived on time and was packed carefully. I continued shopping with them because there was this loyalty discount for return shoppers aside from the 5 percent discount just for ordering 3 or more products. On my 8th order, the Shiseido Revital Night Essence came with the expiration date and batch number cut out from the box. The bottom of the jar had the batch code scratched off. The lid had a powdery residue as if the product content had spilled and dried. How unfortunate. I thought I had found a perfect online store. I was wrong. There was no response to an eMail I sent so I didn’t bother sending it back nor use it. Needless to say, that was my last order. But after this experience, I will never shop from them again.

    When I used to run few or as an online store, sometimes i helped my clients to buy from strawberrynet when they need some items urgently however we are disappointed.
    Some eventually came back and told me exactly what happened – stuff from could be a little old, expired or cracked. Nobody cares our complaints. SAD SAD SAD

    Because we are overseas, there is little we can do. It’s a shame that sellers like gives global sellers such a bad name when it comes to online shopping.

    Based on their large number of consumer complaints, you would think they care, right? Nope. Like a lot of the Hong Kong companies (not just in this field), they offer good prices, ship fast, but don’t expect any customer service.

    I would never stop buying from the internet just because of one bad experience, but I certainly won’t buy from sellers so notorious for not providing any kind of customer service.

  54. their products are very questionable. my products all came with no barcode....its just a blank white box with no barcode. and the paper quality of the box is different from this brand's products that are sold in the stores. Disappointed.

  55. I am so glad I checked this site before going ahead and handing my hard earned cash to strawberrynet. I live in India and I was super excited to see that they ship to India too. I guess its your own call, if you believe its genuine go for it... but if u're weary like me u could give it a miss!!! With internet scams and frauds on the rise it doesn't hurt to check for complaints against such companies. As for me, I have a feeling this could be a fake ass company swindling people and who knows, it could be just one person writing all those positive comments abt strawberrynet. Call me cynical if u will, but this is the order of the day... have a good day guys!

  56. I have heard they take out a 1/4 of the product (perfumes) and replace is with urine... it helps carry the fragrance for a while but will then either start to itch, go red with a rash or will smell sour or off within about an hour or so. It was on the MSN main page as a news story like a year or so ago about Asian companies doing this to legit products to get more out of them.

  57. Unfortunately I have checked this site too late I am from S-A and made a purchase yesterday - Hopefully it will arrive and no extra charges will be made ,crossing my fingers.I got my confirmation fairly quickly - lets see how it all works out -will let you all know

  58. We just had our bank account charged for over 700.00 and never heard of this company. Any contact information given at the website is not working or not a valid number. Do not order from this company.

  59. Oh my am surprise reading the so many bad experience with,this really puzzles me as i am a regular customer with them and NEVER had any problem so far,in fact they are very prompt in delivering., am sorry guys that u had such a bad experience

  60. Hey you guys, if you don't know what is, it's a website that sells cosmetics. Which I have used to purchase some fragrances before.

    The authentic site for purchasing comestics is NOT

  61. I have been reading all the comments with some interest. I came to this site because I was on an online makeup community forum where someone had posted this link, and having been a customer of strawberrynet, I was very curious to see what this is all about.
    I have bought both makeup and fragrances from strawberrynet over the last four years, and have only had issues twice. Once, I was charged almost $18CAD duty, an amount which they refunded to me promptly, and another time, I received a defective product, which they also promptly sent a replacement to.
    Like with any online purchases, one must be diligent in what to buy. I don't buy any product that is considered to have a higher likelihood of being a fake, such as MAC products. I also don't buy any sort of cream items from them as they are more likely to go off sooner than powder products.
    Interestingly enough, all their makeup products are shipped from Hong Kong, but every single one of my fragrance purchases have been shipped from Sweden.
    As for the addition of urine to the fragrance to make it last longer, I hope to God not. All the fragrances that I had bought from them smells true to the ones that I had bought from local retailers. The only exception was that one fragrance that I thought smelled off, and they quickly replaced that with one that was fine.
    I am curious though, as I haven't seen this MSN story re the urine addition...what would be the point of taking 1/4 of the fragrance out? What are they going to do with that amount? Use it themselves? Put it into a new bottle until they have enough to sell it as a whole? Seems like a lot of effort for very little gain. I would think it makes more sense if they really want to scam the customers to take empty bottles and fill them up with fake juice and sell them as authentic products.

  62. I purchased a Macadamia Oil hair treatment package approx 6 months ago from Strawberrynet and was not happy with the product at all. I was really dissapointed as I had read so many great reviews and friends had also had brilliant results.

    After staying at a girlfriends house I used her Macadamia Oil shampoo and treatment conditioner and it was completely different to what I had received from Strawberrynet. Similar smell but not the same. The consistency and colour of both shampoo and conditioner was completely different. The result on my hair was brilliant with my friends products.

    After I got home I realised that the pattern and writing on the shampoo bottle was actually a plastic sticker and not branded on the bottle like my friends.

    I have proof that they are selling fake product. If other product is original it is way past its used by date and should not be purchased anyway. The unfortunate thing is people buying product from them that they have not previously used. There is no comparison then. Never again.

    I was tempted to buy from -

    as I am looking for Kerastase online but they also ship from Hong Kong and as far as I can see they actually seem tied in with Remember, Hong Kong has a gigantic manufacturing infrastructure, it would not take much to reproduce the western worlds "favorite" products. Is it worth the trouble? Of course it would be. Making a product (copying bottles, fragrance and attempted texture) for 10% of the sale price? Something to think about.

    Will buy in a salon from now on. Good luck with your purchases everyone. M.

  63. I have been using strawberry net for a year or so. Never had a problem. Until after a using a cream I use all the time (bought from Myer etc) made me break out in a red itchy rash! So bad I am on strong cortisone cream to try and get rid of it!
    Really worried now after reading this~!

  64. I have purchased a number of Payot products from strawberrynet and have not been happy with the results. Today my beauty therapist showed me an email from Payot Australia announcing that they successfully sued strawberrynet for selling counterfeit hundreds of dollars of Payot products purchased via strawberrynet our now in the bin...will never use them again, we compared consistency and appearance of strawberry's Payot with the real thing and definitely not the same, as much as I hate to say it please dont trust all the products from this site.

  65. Thank you all for the insightful information. I was thinking about buying lots of perfume from them for my retail store...

    Guess this is my loucky day to have stumbled over this information.

  66. After a colleague reccomended the site, I used to order my Clinique skincare products from Strawberrynet. I must say that customer service and delivery times were excellent.
    BUT I found out later that the products they sent me, although original, had all expired 2-3 years ago. Also, I made the mistake to order "unboxed" eye cream because it was very cheap. That was surely counterfeit. It had the same colour as the real one, but different smell and texture.
    So I stopped buying from them and they keep sending me emails "We miss you shopping with us" and "To win you back we have an offer blah blah".
    Please spread the word and stop buying from them!

  67. Most questions on here are already answered on their website. Read it and you won't be surprised when something unusual happens! StrawberryNet only sells genuine items, and I know this for a fact (and no I'm not paid by them to say that). And don't blame Strawberrynet for customs taxes, blame your government. Late shipment? If it's got a tracking number it's a postal issue, not a Strawberrynet issue.

  68. Some of the product they are selling are FAKE..since when Shisedo is from Thailand? Since when did Clinique changed their packaging bottle? I compared the one from strawberry net and one from US. Same cleanser but different packaging and i have a look at the one selling at domestic cosmetics counter...come on!! the one from strawberry net was different among the two. Cosmetics house(s) spend so much money in running their own distribution channel and setting up counters at major shopping centre , why would they need reseller like strawberry net to sell their products online at a cheap price? Becoz they could simply do it at their own effort why need a 3rd party selling their product off at a budget to manipulate its price? Look at all those branded bags, LV, Chanel..replication anywhere in the difficult to differentiate its either you're using old products that is not longer availabe on market, if not, the product is already expired. So beware when buying cosmetics from them especially those high end brand...

  69. I girl from the office just bought with Strawberrynet and was so excited about quality, service and the price. I was concerned being from Asia that the products would not be genuine. So i thought i would do research. I mean they have the Lancome cream i buy at $60 instead of $140. How can they possibly offer that much of a discount but being out of date makes sense. I also would be wary of imitation. If it's too good to be true it usually is. Huge push from media here is Oz but the media will print anything if you pay them enough.

  70. Beware. They have an alias name on of SkinCareRX

  71. I just had over $900.00 fraud.charges. Some of which were to

  72. Some people here (not all) posting positive reviews are paid people. It is what you call in SEO language as Reputation Management.

    Anyway, Good thing I checked out for some feedbacks. I am better off at at ebay in this case.

  73. A company does not just take money from nowhere. It was done by another individual who hacked your paypal account and happened to go on strawberrynet to buy something. I work for a bank doing the disputes so I see this all the time. If the person who hacked your account used itunes to buy things, would you suggest that itunes is a fraud company?

    I've heard bad things about strawberry net regardless, but they are actually a legitimate business. No business anywhere that is remotely legitimate (even despite possibly selling fake goods) will hack into your paypal account and take your money. That's ridiculous, you realise.
    And no. You are NOT better off at ebay.

  74. I paid for makeup on strawberrynet 2 weeks ago and they are saying that my credit card was declined even though it wasnt a credit card and the tranaction went through, very frustrated as they have my $120 and I have no products!!!

  75. Wish I'd seen this first!
    I saw a great deal for perfume on
    their eBay listings, and purchased almost $600. After I
    paid, I was told they would not send me the quantity of 17 items,
    already paid for. They refuse to
    refund my payment! They only kept emailing me that it will
    take weeks to process a refund.
    This is a lie, eBay purchases
    are able to be easily and
    instantaneously refunded.
    What lowlife thieves!
    I will of course open a dispute
    with Paypal or eBay but will
    have to wait over a month to get
    my money back. I don't expect to
    receive even the few they say
    they will ship. Jerks

  76. Avoid Strawberrynet!!! I placed an order on 25th January and following this my card was used fraudulently three times on the 28th and three times on the 29th. I haven't used this card anywhere else for months!

    The goods have actually arrived today, but I had to pay a bill for £12.20 for customs duty not paid, before the Post Office would deliver it to me.

    The free gift of a Stila lipstick is also horribly out of date, so it smells nasty and has a bad taste to it.

    I'll never use this website again.

  77. It's interesting how all the "loyal customers" of Strawberrynet are saying they haven't had one single bad experience over the years & THEY MAKE SURE TO POINT OUT THEY USED VISA OR BANK ACCOUNT..NOT PAYPAL. I have shopped online for many years & have yet to find a company who is "perfect" & never make mistakes. Scammers wouldn't want you to use Paypal because Paypal will protect your Credit Card & Bank info. If you use your Visa or Bank Account then these thieves have direct access to your personal information.

  78. i am very thankful for reading all the bad reports of in this blog. i'm already in the last stage of my paypal payment and thought to search scam in google.. it seems a scam website as the products they are selling are very low priced compared to the ones in the store.. save your money everyone!

  79. Thank god! just called my bank and dispute the transaction and yess, cancel my CC!!

    Guys, Stay away from this website..

    Good Luck

  80. Just ring the cosmetics companies first and ask them what they think of strawberrynet. Ring dermalogica and Youngblood. You will probably not buy from strawberrynet again. Remember, you do not know what you are putting on your skin! Go on, ring the cosmetics company now.

  81. Well i'm in Australia and have used strawberry net plenty of times. They are also a verified partner with Virgin Australia through the Virgin Rewards program which you can easily enough find out on the web.

  82. I ordered perfume at end of May and still not arrived 10 days after shipping. Strawberry net do provide a tracking code but it does not work on UK's royal mail tracking site. I am very worried now!

    1. Did your perfume ever arrive?

  83. I have been using StrawberryNet for years. Their products are NOT fake, they are NOT scammers and have had no problems at all using this website.

  84. I have recently purchsed Borghese Mud Mask Brillante Fango(the jar with a pink substance) from Strawberrynet and when I got it and applied it-my skin started to STING AND BURN immediately!!!even though it says "leave on for 2to5 munutes!
    There was not a single word in the description of those pissible burning effects,it only said how this product"brightens your complexion"and all general good things-no precautions.
    I emailed them with the complaint about misinformation and said I want a refund for an unwanted product-they responded saying that"our products are guaranteed authentic and fresh" with no particular answer to my complaint on why the hell they didnt mention how severely this mask works!!!
    If anyone knows where I can call/write to get this problem solved and report their awful work-let me know please!!!

  85. Hi there I have had a similar thing happen to me. A few days after placing my order Strawberrynet emailed me wanting a copy of my utility bill to confirm it was my card for added security, and stupidly I have sent a scanned copy of a bill (with my account number blanked out). Since reading this I have also notified my credit card company and they have blocked my credit card. If I don’t receive my items (which I am not banking on), my credit card company will raise a dispute. This is shocking. They have been around for years this company hence why I trusted them.

    My Email from Strawberrrynet stated... Thank you for your order. Please be advised that your order is currently on hold as part of a routine security check in order to verify you are the authorized cardholder. To release your order, please kindly e-mail a copy of a utility bill (such as electricity, telephone or gas bill) in recent 3 months so we can verify your identity and that your billing address is valid. You can email us a copy at or by replying to this email. Please understand that this information is needed to confirm that you are the correct cardholder. By helping us confirm this you will help ensure our credit card system stays secure for you and other users. Please note that if no reply is received within 7 calendar days from the date of your order the charge to your account for this order will be reversed. If we receive your response between 7 to 21 calendar days we will resubmit the charge and ship the goods. If we do not receive a reply within 21 calendar days, your order will be automatically cancelled as we are not able to hold orders for over 21 days. We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely,

    Wilson Luk
    Customer Services

  86. I came across this website because it was on the first page of my search for Strawberrynet. I have been using this company for many years, mostly satisfied but this has changed. I won't be using them again. Some of the products have expired, on one occasion the bottle of (very expensive La Mer )Serum was half empty although the packaging was intact and there had been no leakage, and for the last couple of orders of my perfume (expensive too) it had virtually no smell, so either long expired (no date on package) or watered down. I know what it's like, I use the same one all the time, and it's not like this when I buy it duty free or from the shops. No more Strawberry net for me. A shame, it's less expensive but definitely not worth it.

  87. I found a perfume on Strawberry,com which I have been searching for, for ages. I thought I was dealing with an American company, and would never haven chosen to deal with a company in te far East. I chose the product, was shown the delivery charge which I was told was needed because of delivery restrictions with perfume? and supplied my payment details. A few day6s later the Postaman left a delivery card showing £15 customs duty due. I went to collect and this was confirmed. To add insult to injury although I bought eau de Parfum not cologne or toilette the scent is weak and disappears almost immediately. VERY STRANGE!!I would NEVER buy from this company again!

  88. I just wish I had come across this blog before I ordered from
    Three weeks and still waiting for my order...tracking number does not work on UK mail system as previously mentioned.
    No reply to emails, and toll free number is unobtainable. It does not look good.

    And the worst thing....I had an attempt on my account to the tune of £1,500 within 3 days of placing my order with them....the first fraudulent activity using Paypal in my entire 10 year history with them!

    Make of that what you will...but once I receive my order, or the dispute I raise with Paypal is resolved, I will never use this company again.

  89. Well, if you have never placed an order with StrawberryNET, apparently your card details were stolen from somewhere else and your card was used to place orders on StrawberryNET instead. You know what? StrawberryNET is under The Jebsen Group, a US$1.6billion revenue company! Do some research first before putting the blame on others!

  90. I have been buying from Strawberry net for years without trouble until July 2012 when they did not refund the customs charges of over £40. They ignored 2 other requests and two direct e-mails. Pity as it provided what I wanted but £40 charges not refundable changes the price structure and to ignore repeated e-mails destroys what seemed a good site. 4 months before I decided to publish this complaint so they had enough time.

  91. I purchase items regularly from Free giftwrapping, free gifts, discounts all year round. You really can't ask for more. Delivery always within a week. I guess you have to be a seasoned internet shopper to navigate the pitfalls of online shopping like the paypal surcharge for refunds. Can't ask for better really.

  92. Do I see a pattern here? It seems many of the complaints posted here are from customers who paid via PayPal. I have made over a dozen orders over several years- with perfect products and service. But I always used a Credit Card....

  93. I recently had a fraudulent charge from Strawberrynet placed onto my credit card. Before the charge, I had never heard of the company, and after some research I discovered they dealt in discount cosmetics. I am not sure whether the illegal charge is strawberrynet's fault, or a third party, but after reading through these posts, I think it would be wise to be weary when dealing with this online company.

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  95. I realise this is an old thread but wanted to contribute nonetheless.

    First, to those questioning why genuine customers would do a Google search for strawberrynet negative reviews - it's for the same reason as a new customer might: despite bring a customer of theirs for a while, I do research online before making slightly more expensive purchases. I was intending to spend about USD 100 on a couple of products when a review somewhere implied the product the person had received from strawberrynet was fake. This was the first I'd ever heard about that so I went to Google to check whether this was a one - off, and found a host of complaints. Genuine customers aren't always planted and complaints aren't always legit. I've arrived at this thread despite having shopped a dozen times with the site.

    Now to my actual experience with strawberrynet: I have to say I've actually been one of the lucky ones, my products have all arrived fine, I've had no payment hassles despite paying by debit card, and the stuff has always been genuine. That includes perfume, makeup, and most recently skincare.

    However I am a bit anxious with the extent of complaints I see online so I may go easy buying from them. But just to throw other feedback into the mix: I've had a couple of orders from Amazon not show up, and one directly from too never did either. In India I've realised that may sadly be because of crooked postal officials who do the final deliveries. In both cases Amazon and Benefit were quick to refund my money so no complaints there. But I do want to point out that poor experiences do happen with legit companies too.

    Like I said, my dozen orders over 4 years with strawberrynet have been hassle free so far. But maybe I've had good luck! Unsure what yo believe because my own experience contrasts with others and savings apart, the site allows me to access brands and products not currently available in India.

    If anyone has more recent experiences do share. My last order, after a gap of almost a year, was a month ago: that got here fine and had three skincare products I'm having no issue with. Anyone else have recent purchases?

  96. After reading this, I'm worried.. I used debit card to pay but if those fraudulent charges happen to me, I wouldn't know until my bank notice and inform me (which hopefully they would) or I check my bank account constantly and frequently. I think I wanna cancel my debit card already.. ;-;

  97. I ordered a product from them, and I live in the US. I paid by Pay Pall with my credit card. The next day after I placed the order, I received an email from their security service, saying that I have to email them a copy of my phone or utility bill to make sure my address is legit. What the heck is that? Scam!!!

    It is a scam company!!!

  98. I have been using Strawberry net for 4 years now and have not had a problem with any of their products or delivery times. I was very impressed on how fast they actually ship stuff to Australia. Their prices where great a couple of years ago but now they are not as good. I've also had my credit card cancelled by the bank due to transaction fraud twice, (and both times I had only used it for strawberry net. ) Well I've had a good run but I think I will stop using them now before I get caught out.

  99. Never even heard of this site till yesterday when charges showed up on my credit card...BEWARE!!!

  100. My bank account was wiped out today from Douglas. I've never purchased anything from them nor online. Beware of this company and fraudulent activities!! The phone number on my bank statement for Douglas is
    1-855-549-8663. The fraud department at my bank and local police department have been contact.

  101. my husbands credit card company called him and said a transaction for strawberrynet tried to be put through on his card. Neither myself or my husband had ever heard of it. He disputed the attempted charge and cancelled his cc. No idea who would have access to his card since it has never been used online.

  102. Cancelled my huge orders with them! They wanted me to give them my utility bill to verify me? What an insult! Internet shopping is all about convenience. Why do a normal house needs printer and scanner for? It's not an office! For all my purchases through the internet this is quite an experience with this company. I've been emailed by pay pal for two refunds but still waiting for one more from MasterCard!

    Thereafter I cancelled my orders from them I placed my orders with another company also shipping out from Hong Kong and happy with my orders 4 days later!

    As much as this company do not trust their customers I strongly believe they are the greatest cheater and liar to their customers instead! This happened recently to me, year 2015 and they keep giving the excuse-RECENT fraud cases but they started this absurd practice for a long time!

    Cosmetic Now UK and Wishtrend great stuffs.